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Get to Know Spoon and Stable’s Pastry Sous Chef

Meet Alexandra Motz, Spoon and Stable’s Pastry Sous Chef.

Motz, as we call her, has been with our team since 2014, when Spoon and Stable opened. Together, she and Diane Yang have been creating unique, beautiful and delicious desserts.

When Alexandra is not preparing for dinner service or creating a new dessert, you can find her on the bike path exploring the city or behind a canvas creating a work of art. Let’s get to know her!


When did you discover your love for desserts?

I couldn’t get off the couch while watching those extreme cake decorating shows. I would watch the marathons for hours. I initially thought I wanted to be a cake decorator but fell in love with the restaurant atmosphere shortly after culinary school.


Where do you look for inspiration?

I love color. Spring and Summer are the seasons I have the most fun with on a plate. All produce is at its prime and delicious. I’ve also really learned to broaden my inspiration through the savory team here at Spoon and Stable.


What is your favorite dessert right now?

Anything that highlights fresh fruit. I’m also very obsessed with Pavlovas. They are two ingredients but so light, crunchy, chew, and delicious!


You’re an artist outside of work. Does your artwork transfer into plating a dessert?

I would like to think the two concepts help create and bounce off each other. I’ve actually heard from people often that my abstract pieces look like plated dishes and food.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

If you can’t find me in the kitchen, I’m zipping around town on my two wheels or at my home art studio while cooking myself a dinner full of veggies.


Thanks, Motz!

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