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Ben Dale

wine director

Ben fell into the wine abyss while working as a server at Bellisio’s Italian Restaurant in Duluth, MN in 2008.  In 2009, he moved to the Willamette Valley of Oregon where he thoroughly enjoyed spending time exploring wineries around the Salem area. In 2010, Ben moved to Northern California and worked at an Italian Restaurant where he was able to focus on the wine program. While in California he also worked part-time at a wine shop called Libation, where he took on a role of tasting and ordering wine alongside the owners.  This was the most influential of all his wine-related jobs and where he learned the business side of wine buying. After moving back to Minnesota in late 2014, Ben found an opening for a serving position at Spoon and Stable, after coming in to interview and seeing the beautiful “wine stable” he decided he wanted to spend as much time in that room as possible and has been with the company ever since. After working alongside some of the best wine professionals in Minneapolis,  we are thrilled to have Ben directing the wine programs at Spoon and Stable & Bellecour. He enjoys being able to have the freedom to be creative and build wine teams at each restaurant and says this is easily the most challenging and stimulating job he’s ever had. When Ben is not amongst one of our wine cellars, he is spending time at home with his two sons and his wife.

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