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Robb Jones

bar director

An award-winning barman who has built a reputation on refined cocktails of a classic nature and by promoting a modest bar atmosphere, Robb Jones served as head bartender at Spoon and Stable from its inception before being promoted to Bar Director for Soigné Hospitality.

Robb ensures his staff pays the same attention to the details as he does, focusing on their precision and craft while also adapting to guest’s requests. “I show my bartenders to take ownership of what they’re doing and be proud of it. We’re going to give guests great drinks, but we want them to be impressed with the service and have the best time they’ve ever had in a restaurant.”

The St. Paul native got his start in the industry in the kitchen, cooking in restaurants after graduating from the Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale. It was working the line at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix where Robb drew much of his current cocktail inspiration. “I learned to apply what I knew about food and how flavors work together in a culinary sense to making well-balanced drinks.”


Back home in the Twin Cities, Robb transitioned from the kitchen to the bar at Bradstreet Craftshouse, which was then the sister establishment to Chicago’s famed Violet Hour. “I’d work the bar a day a week, then two, then three, and then ended up managing the bar.” Prior to Spoon and Stable, Robb led the bar program at the critically-acclaimed Saffron.


Robb has recently completed a week of intense education at BAR 5 day in New York finishing “BAR Ready”, and has taken part in Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans both as a CAP in 2014 and again as a CAP leader in 2016. He has served as President of the Minnesota chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild a non profit focused on elevating hospitality and dedicated to working with local charity organizations. “My favorite part of leadership is watching my team grow, continue learning, and achieve their version of success.”


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